Since 1917, Brantwood Children’s Home has been providing a safe, stable, structured environment for abused, neglected and other at-risk children. Brantwood is licensed by Alabama’s Department of Human Resources. We are meant to be temporary home until our children can reunify with their biological families, be placed in a forever adopted home, or can live independently on their own.

We provide developmental experiences for children within a setting that also provides adequate food, clothing, shelter, and education. Be it sports, dance, or cheerleading, our goal is to provide disadvantaged youth with the same tools and opportunities that their peers outside of Brantwood receive.

Our vision is to provide an environment where youth are given the tools for success in a culture of love, hope, and care.

    Brantwood serves the abused and neglected children of Alabama by providing for their needs in education, health, communication, and social adjustments.

    We protect children from the traumas of the past and provide a place conducive of healing and emotional growth.

    Through counseling, instructional support, and plain ‘ole love, we provide a safe environment in which the heart can heal and important relationships can blossom.

Basic Residential
Basic living skills and round the clock care
10 – 16 YRS OLD
Transitional Living
Life skills to enable independence
17 – 19 YRS OLD
Independent Living
Life coaching and mentoring into adulthood
20 – 21 YRS OLD
Brantwood On-Site Education
Restoring children's self confidence as scholars

GRADES 6 – 12

Goodwyn Counseling Center
Goodwyn Counseling Center

I am very proud to have been part of Brantwood Children’s Home. Today, I am a fireman and a small-business owner. Both of these are dreams came true for me. As my business grows, I hope to give back to Brantwood. Brantwood saved my life.

Quincy fulfills two life-long dreams


Words can’t express how much impact Brantwood had on my life. Thank you for all you’ve done, and for being there when I needed you most.

Shywon graduated from Faulkner University


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